​Weddings & Events

Best Friend

Teresa Arriaza 

Owner/ Lead coordinator

Teresa can orchestrate every element of the event, beginning with linens, lighting, flowers, bar service and table decor.

Who we are...

With over 13 years of experience in coordinating and assisting with wedding planning and special events, Teresa and her team will go to the fullest extent to try to make all of your dreams come to life for your special day. 

Whether it be your Wedding Day, Anniversary party or any other special event, she will help to make your day a little more "stress free", as she knows that you have a lot on your mind.

She's there to be by your side the whole time... just like a Best Friend!

Best Friend Weddings & Events will follow you anywhere.

The team has coordinated weddings all over the country - from Los Angeles to Boston, and has even ventured to Norway.